Omlie was created in 2001 Omlie is an installation. I wanted this medium in order to express it rather than a designed work or painted and photographed. I wanted a Video: film art that has a reality, a reality that it could mixed with beauty and has time to express a form of art. An Installation: an installation that Both Bourriaud and Bishop claim that art of the 1990s goes beyond previous art, in breaking down the barrier between the viewer and the work of art and bringing art into life. Bishop argues, for example, that installation art is something quite unique in the history of art. Indeed, she claims that installation is a revolutionary new form of art that transcends just about every other mode of fine art production one might think of. Her tack is evident when she asserts that: Installation art differs from traditional media , (sculpture, painting, photography, video), in that it addresses the viewer directly as a literal presence in the space, installation art presupposes an embodied viewer whose senses of touch, smell and sound are as heightened as their sense of vision.(Bishop 2005: 6) But if one piece gives its effects as art that are completed if played with and manipulated to find results. That is why I believe is what I have achieved by creating this artwork in frame rather than a picture it could stand for a new generation of new arts, not only about advertising and films to beauty reality and time. But this is about researching, filming, shooting, and editing is about Cinematography and Editorials, media arts.

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